Tarsus Holdings is a private company with a small group of operating professionals who combine extensive financial and deal expertise with operational and entrepreneurial experience. Our mission is to generate superior returns by acquiring or investing in emerging companies. We pursue this mission by partnering with management teams to help our portfolio companies plan, execute and realize their strategic visions.

Investment Criteria

Tarsus Holdings makes control and growth investments in U.S.-based companies with annual revenues of $5 million to $50 million. We target manufacturing, distribution and service businesses located primarily in the Midwest and Southeast.

Contact Information

The partners responsible for sourcing, negotiating and completing transactions are:

Paul S. Bertrand Kansas City
816.559.8340 | pbertrand@tarsusholdings.com
Paul L. Burns Kansas City
816.559.8340 | pburns@tarsusholdings.com

Ben D. Trevathan Florida
727.421.1902 | btrevathan@tarsusholdings.com